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You Can Read This “Warning” Review Before Watching “Guns Akimbo”

                   In the “Guns Akimbo” movie, Daniel Radcliffe’s careless acting proved successful in making the audience laugh, unfortunately, the pranks spoken by the characters felt too excessive and not important. This is not a matter of their jokes which do not match the jokes of people from certain countries. It’s not just the selection of situations that are not right, some jokes that are told might make you cringe when you hear it. Imagine, how can some characters in this film still say some dialogues that are not important in situations that do not allow it, when the director just tries to make the film funnier. However, if you still want to enjoy this fun, gun-blazing, and cringe movie, you can watch it on 123 movies.

Additionally, due to its nature as an action film, it’s certainly not a wrong thing if Guns Akimbo presents an action that is too intense. Unfortunately, the action shown was not matched by a strong plot and an appropriate comedy. So, this film feels like it’s only relying on the side of the action to look interesting.

On the positive side, Guns Akimbo comes with an “R” rating. With this rating, the film production team did not hesitate to show a truly “crazy” action. If you don’t mind a film with excessive action, you are guaranteed to enjoy it. For those of you who don’t like excessive action, you might be “struggling” watching this film.

Its production process was using camera techniques that were quite unique for certain scenes. So, there was one scene where the camera only focused on Miles. While highlighting Miles who kept moving, the camera was kept rotating in a short amount of time.

The shooting technique used is actually quite unique. However, this technique will not be suitable for people who feel dizzy easily. You see, the rotating camera scene lasts quite a long time, maybe almost or more than 10 seconds. Fortunately, the camera technique is only done for one scene.

Guns Akimbo may be less successful in executing good story concepts. However, you can still enjoy this film, especially for lovers of action-packed films. As long as you are not thinking about the movie’s technical issues too much, then you will definitely enjoy this movie. Therefore, if you really want to enjoy this movie purely for the sake of your entertainment, we suggest you ignore all weird and cringy things about this movie and just enjoy some actions and comedies that you can get during the entire duration of “Guns Akimbo”.

That’s it for the short review regarding this movie, we hope it helps you to know whether this movie suits your taste or not.

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