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Simcity Buildit Is Here To Check Your Management Skills

simcity buildit review

The latest venture that EA has to offer is in the building apps segment. SimCity Buildit is a game that runs both on Android and iOS platforms. The game as the name suggests all about building a town. This game is a compelling high octave game, always keeping you on your toes. It is loaded with various features, the best one about it being its layout. Incredibly original, this game would make you want to it be the center of your attention. It comes with the ability to long press nay structure and moves them to other locations.

Roads of SimCity

The roads in this game are manageable. Unlike real life, you will not have to get stuck in traffic every two minutes.

  • The roads of the game are easy to control and have three stages of upgrade. Once you reach and cross the third stage, you would never require an update again.
  • All buildings in the game need connection to the roads. You will have to improve the best layout roads by setting up buildings with good population in it, next to them.
  • While playing the game, when you see skyscrapers, know that it is the time for the final upgrade. If you do not have enough game cash to upgrade your building, consider moving it to other locations.

Building home your way

Homes like in real life are important in this game too. There are certain steps you have to keep in mind while setting up homes.

  • Building new homes will increase the utility demands. Improving your homes will increase your population, not utilities.
  • It is better if you designate a part of the city only towards home. Designate other smaller areas for the rest of the structural development. You have to keep your pace so that your buildings do not get destroyed.
  • Try and keep everything close while taking disaster challenges, as more building are prone to destroying themselves. When youput three buildings simultaneously at level twenty, you benefit from Simoleons product by upgrading homes.

Set up new factories

The factory set up of the game is absorbing. It provides you with certain advantages for the later in the game.

  • Factories play a paramount part in the game. They play a huge role by producing goods and letting you upgrade your home, thereby moving forward.
  • With the increase of factories, you will be able to build better factories which in turn produce more goods at one time. You can also place a significant amount on them.
  • To do that, you have first to bulldoze the older ones. Bulldozing the older ones will make room for the new ones. All factories produce the same goods.

Keep everything under control

There are some authentic Simcity Cheats you can use in order to increase your resources in game. This game comes with a feature of building fire stations, police stations as well as hospitals.  Stick to smaller versions at the beginning of the game to minimize the cost. Building outside the three radiuses can result in wasting of game cash. You will only need four of the biggest fire, police and hospital services. You will need to build smaller hospitals as four big hospitals will not be enough. Try to maintain your balance. Saving up for the big amenities will help in reduction of wasted currency. As you start playing the game, you have to keep looking for better opportunities for upgrades. Keep a tab on special offers and boost game cash.