Screencaps 123 Movies Projectors And Snacks Can Turn Your House Into A Cinema

Projectors And Snacks Can Turn Your House Into A Cinema

Investing in a projector is indeed quite expensive in the beginning, but if it’s used frequently, the investment is worth it. If you don’t feel you need to have an expensive projector, now you can rent a projector easily. In addition to conventional projectors, there are mobile projectors that are also available on the market, at a more friendly price. Radiate the film projected onto a white wall that is large enough, or make a home screen with the help of a white sheet of fabric hanging on the wall. Darken the room so that maximum lighting and clear film projection images radiate on the home screen well.

Complete it with comfortable sofas, pillows and bean bags on a soft carpet. Connect the projector to an external speaker – so that the sound and music from movies are also clearer. Don’t forget to turn off all the participants’ cellphones before the film starts.

Then, Like a normal cinema, choose a movie that fits the audience. Are the audiences all adults? or are there minors? Make a list of interesting films that all viewers will like and choose one that you will watch together. A practical snack for watching movies is a snack that is easy to be held by hand and it can be shared together. Popcorn, pizza, ripped bread, french fries and various chips can be provided at one table, as well as soft drinks for quenching your thirst.

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